CCIS Shield Desktop™ Features

The CCIS Shield Desktop™ Membership Management software offers you a convenient and comprehensive membership financial management system that you can tailor to fit your church's needs. This program is flexible enough that you can choose what's important to you, but powerful enough that you can expand the depth of your data at any time. Keep secure notes on individuals, chart individual and family relationships, track contributions and giving with the greatest of ease, and devise activities and attendance records. Execute reports, retrieve data and enhance how you view your church. Improve your church's administration today using CCIS Shield Desktop™.

Membership Features

  • View and maintain information for a family and it's members from one easy entry window.
  • Watch each member grow and change through Personal Events logging.
  • Discreetly and securely manage personal notes on individuals or families.
  • Maintain contact with members wherever they roam with alternate addresses.
  • Customize and track an individual’s relationship with the church.
  • Link and display portraits and print a pictorial directory.

Activities Features and Attendance Tracking

  • Add and customize activities unique to your congregation.
  • Record head count, visitor count and member attendance.
  • Promote members from one activity to another.
  • Enroll members individually or in groups.


Contributions Features

  • Unique batch entry method for contributions
  • Speed data entry by defining batch preferences
  • Create and maintain funds that renew annually or have a fixed life
  • Provided detailed giving statements and include a pledge status.
  • Contributions data interfaces easily with CCIS AccountAbility™, our fund accounting program, or QuickBooks®


CCIS Membership Management™: Enhanced Features

  • Customize all modules to meet your congregations specific requirements.
  • Hundreds of comprehensive and useful reports ready-made for your convenience
  • Custom reports on Demand
  • Print newsletter labels.
  • Implement multi-level security.
  • Automatically maintain envelope numbers.







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Dependable church management solutions allowing you to maintain dynamic member records, track attendance, and effectively monitor contributions using our CCIS Membership Management™ modules.



CCIS Payroll™ will help you to manage all aspects of your church’s payroll featuring up to date calculations.