Direct Deposit

Offer your employees the convenience of direct deposit when you use CCIS Payroll™. Whether you use your bank or a direct deposit management company, CCIS Payroll™ provides a solution that is convenient for your payroll administrator as well as for your employees. Simply setup and prenote your employees through the bank, and then pay all employees.


CCIS Payroll™ makes it easy to print vouchers for the employees that want direct deposit and checks for those who don't wish to use the service. You don't need to create separate pay jobs for direct deposit and checks – it's all one pay job. Once you have created the pay job in CCIS Payroll™, submit the file to your bank. Most banks allow you to upload pay jobs via the Internet. Fast, easy, efficient, and sophisticated – that's CCIS Payroll™.


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CCIS Payroll™ will help you to manage all aspects of your church’s payroll featuring up to date calculations.