Manage Multiple Payrolls

Your church may manage payroll for more than one group. Maybe you have church staff, daycare workers, or food pantry associates that you like to process as a set. Often, these departments require different management staff and techniques, and often implement a variety of shifts, procedures, and pay frequencies. CCIS Payroll is designed to help you administer your payroll easily and efficiently, no matter how sophisticated your needs.


CCIS Payroll™ allows you to pay each group independently of others. Setup your groups and define their common traits, like pay periods and pay schedules. Hourly, salaried, and contract employees can be combined within a pay group, so feel free to define the pay groups that you can use.


Is someone performing double duty in the office and the daycare? No problem. Employees can, have multiple pay rates and CCIS Payroll™ will keep every detail accurately.


Reports and forms can be generated by group. When the time comes to submit 941’s or W-2's, group information may be combined easily. CCIS Payroll can help you manage every aspect of payroll. To go back to our CCIS Payroll™ home page, click here. For more information about the CCIS Payroll's™ capabilities, here is a helpful set of links:









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CCIS Payroll™ will help you to manage all aspects of your church’s payroll featuring up to date calculations.