Church Payroll Software Overview

Your church’s payroll is easy to manage when you use CCIS Payroll™.  Combine checks for hourly, salaried and 1099 employees in a single payroll job.  You can create many pay groups with different pay frequencies such as weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, or biweekly.  Calculate deductions, track sick hours and vacation time, administer cafeteria plan benefits, and 403(b) plans. CCIS Payroll™ will keep detailed histories of everyone that you pay.


Out-of-pocket expenses can be tracked and reimbursed separately or added onto an employee's paycheck.


The program would not be complete without complying with federal, state, and local tax policies. Forms such as 941 employer’s quarterly tax forms, W2’s and 1099’s can be printed for each pay group or consolidated for organizational totals. Federal, state, and local taxes, Unemployment tax liabilities, Social Security, Medicare, and other information will be calculated for you.







Trusted for over 35 years to meet the specific needs of churches of all sizes.




Dependable church management solutions allowing you to maintain dynamic member records, track attendance, and effectively monitor contributions using our CCIS Membership Management™ modules.



CCIS Payroll™ will help you to manage all aspects of your church’s payroll featuring up to date calculations.