Secure audit trail and controls

No accounting software would be complete without implementable controls and an accurate and secure audit trail. CCIS AccountAbility™ provides for these essential functions in a user-friendly manner. The program is date-driven, which allows users to work in any open month, and up to 24 months can be open. Easily correct errors in open months, and you'll never feel pressured to close any one period before initiating work on the next.


CCIS AccountAbility™ offers easy control measures to ensure the security of your finances. Once you complete your entry of invoices, deposits, adjustments, and the bank reconciliation, you can close the month. Once closed, you cannot re-open a month, and you will not be able to record transactions, adjustments or changes. When the last month of a fiscal year is closed, the year is closed and automatic year end entries are made. An audit trail is easy to follow by generating and comparing reports for open and closed periods that are on your books.


CCIS AccountAbility™ can meet all of your accounting needs. Select the following to find our more about true fund Church Accounting Software practices with CCIS church accounting™. This fully-featured software can help you track a budget, too. Select the following to find our more to find out about our CCIS Church Accounting Budgets feature.


Accounting can seem like an overwhelming or complicated task, but the CCIS Customer Support Team will help you every step of the way! With CCIS Remote Support/Training™, we can teach you new skills and troubleshoot problems. If you maintain an Annual Support Plan, receive special offers and discounts on church membership software training and technical support..






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