Track Activities / Track Attendance

Track Activities

Take charge of your church's activities with CCIS Membership Management™. Small groups, boards and committees, youth groups, classes, choirs, and other group activities require a lot of organization. Our Activities module gives the church administrator and group leaders a single resource to manage member enrollment, rosters and mailings, and target individuals and groups for group enrollment. Create as many activities and events as you like.


As an integrated part of the Membership database, enrolling members from your membership takes only a few clicks, and group leaders can have access to the member information already in your system. If you want to enter individual attendance or record a head count for regular services or smaller groups, CCIS Membership Management™ includes a feature to help you track attendance.


Take Attendance

CCIS Membership Management™ makes it easy to record attendance and track participation trends. Take head counts at services, record attendance for individuals, or manage activity roll call with the comprehensive CCIS Membership Management™ system.











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Dependable church management solutions allowing you to maintain dynamic member records, track attendance, and effectively monitor contributions using our CCIS Membership Management™ modules.



CCIS Payroll™ will help you to manage all aspects of your church’s payroll featuring up to date calculations.